Full Name

Mario Mushroom

First Appearance

Very First Episode


Action Figures, Plush Toys


Good Guy, Bad Guy

Latest Apperance

Great ComeBack

Mario is Luigi's older, shorter, fatter (skinnier in plush bodies) brother. Mario is mostly a good guy, but in 2 episodes he is a bad guy. Mario has the same amount of cousins as Luigi.


Mario likes to do The Pizza Rush whenever he sees Pizza. That is why mario is fat.


Luigi's New BodyEdit

In Luigi's New Body, Mario is doing The All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros Dance and Bowser attackes Luigi now. Then, Dr.Toad goes and makes Luigi the new body.

Waluigi's New HaircutEdit

In Waluigi's New Haircut, Mario says to Waluigi "Are you done making your video, I want to play Super Paper Mario."

The scary closetEdit

In the scary closet, Mario goes and bangs himself on the bed when he said "NO IM NOT STOP SAYING THAT LUIGI!"

Go swimmingEdit

In go swimming, Mario goes swimming with luigi jr.

Random EpisodeEdit

In this Wikipedia episode, Mario and Luigi look themselves up.

Mario's New BodyEdit

In Mario's New Body, Mario does The All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros Dance with Luigi,Then Bowser attacks Mario and Luigi ask Dr.Toad to make a new body for Mario.

Very First EpisodeEdit

In The Very First Episode, Mario did some random stuff that Luigi had to do.

Upcoming HistoryEdit

Go Swimming 2Edit

In Go Swimming 2,Mario will go swimming with Luigi in a Bigger Pool.

Going SnowboardingEdit

In Going Snowboarding,Mario will brush his teeth whille Luigi goes and brushes his teeth and has to go for a little swim.Then Mario and Luigi will go and rent some snowboards at the Shoe Shop,Then Mario and Luigi will go snowboarding at the Ultra Cute Mario Park.

Going to the ice skating rinkEdit

In Going to the ice skating rink,Mario and Luigi will go wear their old bodies and go skating by the pool.

Go to the Paper WorldEdit

In Go to the Paper World,Wario will show the fun Mario Bros. how to go inside paper.

The Return of The Luigi BrosEdit

In The Return of The Luigi Bros,Mario and Luigi go rest on the bed,when the Luigi Bros are here for a Return Battle. In this Episode,Mario is a bad guy and a good guy.

The fun Mario Bros MovieEdit

In the Movie, Mario, Mario2, Luigi, and Luigi2 go escape out of jail where they got in the trailer.

The fun Mario bros time traveling movie 2Edit

In the time Traveling Movie, Mario and Luigi go dream in bed, then they dream about them meeting everybody, then They go Relax on my blanket, then the Luigi Bros come in for a fight. After the Luigi bros got beat down by the Mario Bros.Then they do a ROULETTE on who will do the time traveling Movie. It was the Luigi Bros,So they turned into Past Mario and Past Luigi. In this episode, Mario is a good guy and a bad guy.


Mario's cap can come off a little (Plush Body).

Mario has some blue on the bottom of his eyes (Plush Body)

Mario and Luigi both can fly if they run fast enough (Figure Body)

Mario has a white cap in his plush body.

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