Full Name

Sonic the Hedgehog

First Apperance

Waluigi's New Haircut




Good Guy,Bad Guy

Latest Apperance

Bowser's Rockband Part 6:The Time-slowing movie(as Master Sonic)

Sonic the Hedgehog is mostly Mario's sidekick. He kind of first appeared as a cameo in Waluigi's Haircut. He also has a friend named Miles "Tails" Prower but he doesn't appear that much. He will not be in the show anymore because Boo put Sonic in his mouth and killed him.


Not much is known about Sonic's personality.


Where's Yoshirito?Edit

In Where's Yoshirito?,Sonic was playing Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog with Yoshirito,but Boo sees them and swallows Sonic the Hedgehog and killed him.

The fun mario bros time traveling movie 2Edit

In The fun mario bros time traveling movie 2, Sonic made his Master Sonic disguise again to time travel all the way back to Mario's New Body (9-25-11) to fake this episode out.

The Mushroom QuestEdit

In The Mushroom Quest, Mario called Master Sonic to beat !@#$%^&*i!@#$%^&*Robot.

The fun mario bros movieEdit

In the fun mario bros movie, Sonic turned into Mr. S, one of Sonic's 11 disguises. He was part of Mario's army, and the one who made the army.

Waluigi's HaircutEdit

"Jump to Start" In Waluigi's Haircut, Sonic kind of made a cameo,or said something like "You should take a little of your cap off."

Cameo or Not?Edit

Sometime in Waluigi's Haircut, Sonic kind of made a cameo "If you jumped to start" The bottom is where i will write it.


The Mario and Sonic Fun ShowEdit

Sonic the Hedgehog made more apperances in The Mario and Sonic Fun Show. he used 9 more of his disguises. However,in Act VIII.X Mr. L killed Mario and Sonic.


In Luigi and Yoshi (the series' beta), there was going to be a Paper robot Sonic the Hedgehog,along with Lionface.

The early Sonic the Hedgehog was always kept in Dug,along with Lionface. Dug was Professor Mario,the early Dr. Mario's Pet.

The early Sonic was evil.

Bowser's Rockband Part 6: The Time-slowing movieEdit

In Bowser's Rockband Part 6: The Time-slowing movie,Mario's dream revived Sonic.When Sonic came back to life,he decided to use is Master Sonic disguise again for his next Blue Terror.However,his army got killed and Master Sonic and got inside Boo again.

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