Spongebob ボブ

Full Name

Japaneese:スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ English: Spongebob Squarepants' Cousin Spanish:Bob Esponja primo French:Bob l'éponge cousin'e

First Apperance

The Meeting


Lego with umbrella top


Good Guys

Latest Apperance

スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ's Return

Spongebob ボブ,known as Spongebob's Cousin in the US or Spongebob 2 in Europe is Spongebob's taller cousin.He first appeared in The Meeting when he came out of the swimming pool and met his cousin Spongebob.


スポンジボブ ボブ is Spongebob's normal form,exept he has a umbrella top for his head. He came from a bigger pineapple under the sea.


スポンジボブ ボブいとこ 's ReturnEdit

In いとこ's Return, スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ came back from his vacation from China and met Spongebob again for the third time.

Cousin MarioMarioEdit

In Cousin MarioMario,MarioMario says to Spongebob and スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ "You are not supposed to be in this movie!",then Spongebob and Spongebob 2 leave.

The MeetingEdit

In The Meeting,スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ comes to The United States and The Spongebobs go and play Spongebob:Globs of Doom and Drawn to Life: Spongebob Edition.


Spongebob 2 is younger than spongebob (Spongebob 2's Birthday is July 13,1987)

Spongebob's Cousin speaks English,Spanish,French,Japanese,and Chinese (In スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ's Return).

Bob Esponja primo never laughes while Sponebob and Stanley S SqarePants do.

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