Stanley S. Squarepants sitting in a chair or watching TV.

Spongebob's Cousin

Full Name

Spongebob's Cousin, Stanley S. Squarepants (Spongebob season 5 only)

First Apperance

Stanley S. Squarepants' Funeral




Good Guy

Spongebob's Cousin,known as Stanley S. Squarepants in The Spongebob Episode Stanley S. Squarepants is Spongebob's Packaged cousin who came in the mail on November 23,2007 and lived with Spongebob until スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ 2 jumped on his pants and was taken to a church.


Not much is known about Stanley S. Squarepants' personality.


Stanley S. Squarepants' Funeral

In Stanley S. Squarepants' Funeral,Stanley S. Squarepants was Playing Super Spongebob world on the computer with Spongebob and Patrick Star.スポンジボブ ボブ いとこ went and jumped on his pants and died.Then Mario and Luigi had to go to TopStop Church.


Stanley S. Squarepants has hair.

Stanley S. Squarepants only appeared in the Spongebob Episode Stanley S. Squarepants

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