PaperOwlFilms... It's all yours. It's your wiki now.

History of the wikiEdit

GamesToonsPlus (aka GTP) created this wiki for his (insert name here) Mario Bros. show called The fun mario bros, back on October 8, 2011. GTP was mute at the time, so no real episodes were made. In January of 2012, with no notice, PaperOwlFilms created his (insert name here) Mario Bros show, called Fun Mario Bros. The fun Mario bros (GTP's version) retuned in July of 2012, but a week later, PaperOwlFilms commented on Mario's Diet (the second 2012 episode), saying that he stole Fun Mario Bros. GTP later replied to him saying he created The fun mario bros in October of 2011. In August of that year, they both blocked each other. In May of 2013, on GTP's unblocked account, he told PaperOwlFilms that he was sorry for hating him. PaperOwlFilms then unblocked GTP, but not his other accounts. One week later, GTP was forever blocked on wikia, for being 10 years old. Eventually, GTP will try to get his account back starting September 13, 2015 (one day after his 13th birthday), or create another one if possible. In 2015, GTP will create Crappy Mario Bros, his new (insert name here) Mario Bros. show, and he gave the wiki to PaperOwlFilms.

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