Yoshi jr

Full Name

Young Yoshi Dinoshroom jr

First Apperance

The fun Mario Bros\Beta


Mini Figure


Good Guy

Latest apperance

The scary closet (as a cameo)

Yoshi jr is the youngest of the three yoshis in the family.Yoshi jr has 2 cousins named Polshey and Polshey kid.


Yoshi jr likes to go swimming with luigi jr and he likes to make his videos on bed cliffs.


The scary closetEdit

Yoshi jr made his cameo apperance in The scary closet.

The vacationEdit

In The vacation,yoshi jr is one of the people who come on vacation.

The fun mario bros\BetaEdit

In The fun mario bros beta,Yoshi jr went swimming with luigi jr.


Yoshi jr looks like his brother,Yoshi Kid

Yoshi jr does not have blue on the bottom on his eyes like Yoshi,while Yoshi Kid has blue on the bottom of his eyes.

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